FLUX – New ESCC products for Space application

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FLUX – New ESCC products for Space application

ESA ESCC Qualification

While preparing the recently released Detail Specification ESCC3201/013, Flux developed several new products for Space application under ESA GSTP contract:

  • High Power High Voltage 5kW planar trans-former for Electrical Propulsion output stage.
  • High Power High Voltage 5kW planar inductor for Electrical Propulsion output stage.
  • High Current SMD inductor series in SMC material with very high saturation limit.

The initial series inductors comprise six models ranging from 2.3μH to 100μH / 18.37A to 4.19A de-rated to ESCC-Q-ST-30-11.

ESCC Domain expansion

After Final Review by ESA, the new designs entered an ESCC Qualification Campaign, which is now successfully concluded and reported to ESA.

Based on the success of the ESCC Qualification Campaign, Flux will now apply for expansion of our ESCC Domain to include SMC core material and an Epoxy used for both potting and encapsulation.

Further, we will increase the power level of our ESCC Domain from 2.5kW to 5kW per unit.

A parallel ESCC Qualification campaign featuring Litz wire will be concluded shortly and thus Litz wire will be added to our ESCC DML.

Download FLUX News ESCC Qualification


Contact Info :

Flux A/S
Industrivangen 5, 4550 Asnaes – Denmark
Phone: +45 59650089 – Fax: +45 59652120
Email: flux@flux.dk


FOR ITALY MARKET please Contact: 
DANILO LAUTA (General Manager)
MICROREL – Via delle Sassete n.33, CP.00065 – Fiano Romano, ROME, ITALY
Email: danilo.lauta@microrel.com
Phone : +39 334 9529414
Web: www.microrel.com
General Enquiries : info@microrel.com


In Partnership with: 
Rosenheimer Landstraße 117,
D-85521 Ottobrunn-Riemerling, Germany
Phone: +49 (0)89 6602923
Email: sales@protec-semi.de
Web: www.protec-semi.de



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