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Q-Tech Crystal Oscillators for New Space Applications.

Q-Tech has introduced the QT780 series, QT723, and QT735 oscillators for New Space and Low Earth Orbit (LEO) applications, which offer up to 50kRad (Si) TID Radiation tolerance. DOWNLOAD brochure Address : 6161 Chip Ave. – Cypress, CA 90630, US Phone : (310) 836-7900 Fax : (310) 730-6440 Email: sales@q-tech.com Web: https://q-tech.com/ For Italy market…
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ALTER Technology & MICROREL partnership

MICROREL is pleased to annunce cooperation Partnership with ALTER TECHNOLOGY for Italy market. ALTER TECHNOLOGY, a reputable company in the Space industry for 35 years, is a prominent player in European and international Space projects. With this cooperation we reinforce our synergy and presence in Italy Territory to support Customer requirements of High-Reliability Electronic Components and…
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UMS CHA6682-QKB GaN HPA in QFN package

United Monolithic Semiconductors (UMS) – Advanced-Information CHA6682-QKB – HPA 24-27.5GHz 4W GaN Monolithic Microwave IC in QFN package The CHA6682-QKB is a three-stage GaN High Power Amplifier in the frequency band 24-27.5GHz. This HPA typically provides 4W output power associated to 26% of Power Added Efficiency. The circuit exhibits a typical small signal gain of…
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NanoXplore’s NG-ULTRA officially supported by OpenOCD

NanoXplore is proud to announce the official support of its latest product, the NG-ULTRA, in the open-source project OpenOCD. NG-ULTRA is a SoC FPGA designed for the space market, with an impressive radiation-hardened technology and outstanding performances. The SoC is made of four Arm® Cortex-R52 cores with clock frequencies up to 600 MHz and is…
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EPC Space’s Rad Hard Products News

EPC Space provides revolutionary High-Reliability Radiation Hardened enhancement-mode Gallium Nitride Power management solutions for Space and other harsh environments. Radiation hardened GaN-based power devices address critical space-borne environments for applications including power supplies, light detection and ranging (lidar), motor drive, and ion thrusters. EPC Space has been delivering space grade eGaN® discrete devices and modules…
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Q-Tech’s QT2021 Series MCXO Crystal Oscillators

Q-Tech’s QT2021 Series MCXO Crystal Oscillators Deliver OCXO-Level Stability and High Radiation Tolerance Model QT2021 Series microcomputer-compensated crystal oscillators (MCXOs) deliver superior size, weight, and power over comparable oven-controlled devices for space applications. Q-Tech Corporation, a US-based leading supplier of Space-qualified crystal oscillators, announces the introduction of the QT2021 Series microcomputer compensated crystal oscillators (MCXOs).…
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EASii IC : Integrated Circuits ASIC or SOC Design House

EASii IC is a fabless company that develops digital, analog, mixed and RF integrated circuits. EASii IC also designs PCBs and FPGAs. EASii IC operate in the fields of consumer electronics, space, aeronautics, telecommunications, industry, automotive and medical. EASii IC ability to design turnkey tailor-made products allows our customers to differentiate themselves, shorten their time…
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Avalanche Technology partner with Trusted Semiconductor Solutions

Avalanche Technology partnership with Trusted Semiconductor to Provide Advanced MRAMs RadHard 3U Space VPX Single Board Computer solution. Fremont, CA, July 13, 2023 – Avalanche Technology, the leader in next generation MRAM technology, announced today that it is providing its enabling Space Grade Persistent SRAM (P-SRAM) products for a new Radiation Hardened SpaceVPX Single Board…
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