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MICROREL  promote and distribute High Reliability Electronic Components and RF Microwave Technologies as “Authorized Agent” directly OEM (Original Electronic Manufacturer)  or as “Sub-Agent” including specialized consulting services for Aerospace, Military, Defence and Wireless Telecom applications.

We offer specialized consulting, selection and promotion of Electronic High Reliability components and and RF Microwave Technologies and Advanced Systems to Military Standards requirements (MIL/SMD, ESCC/ECSS) including :

  • Custom screening (Environmental/ Mechanical & Endurance) test and inspections plans
  • Evaluation Plans and Manufacturers assessment for validations & characterizations suitability.
  • MMIC – Monolithic Microwave IC Design (1-100GHz) from L-band to V-band both in GaAs and GaN technologies



We are interested Worldwide cooperation’s for newly available High Quality Electronic Components and Advanced Systems. Our local Agents are in direct contact with end-User (Customers) with excellent communication skills with in-depth knowledge of the product.



Via delle Sassete n.33
00065 Fiano Romano, ROME, ITALY

Email: info@microrel.com
Phone : +39 334 9529414


We are currently seeking to recruit a Field Application Engineer for the Italian and French markets.

Candidates should have knowledge of following topics:

  1. High Reliability (HI-REL) components to Military Standards requirements (MIL/SMD, ESA/ESCC)
  2. IC Programmable Logic Devices (PLD) & IC Memories (SRAM, DRAM, EEPROM)
  3. MMIC (Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit)
  4. MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems)
  5. PHOTONICS (Laser, Optical, CCD and CMOS Image Sensors)
  6. MICRO & NANO Electronic Systems & Components

Skills & Experience :

  1. Graduated in Electronic Engineering or Physics
  2. Knowledge & experience in similar roles
  3. Experience in Import/Export and INCOTERMS
  4. Fluent English (written and spoken) & French (fluent spoken)
  5. Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access)