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Category: Crystal Oscillators

Q-Tech’s QT2021 Series MCXO Crystal Oscillators

Q-Tech’s QT2021 Series MCXO Crystal Oscillators Deliver OCXO-Level Stability and High Radiation Tolerance Model QT2021 Series microcomputer-compensated crystal oscillators (MCXOs) deliver superior size, weight, and power over comparable oven-controlled devices for space applications. Q-Tech Corporation, a US-based leading supplier of Space-qualified crystal oscillators, announces the introduction of the QT2021 Series microcomputer compensated crystal oscillators (MCXOs).…
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MEMS vs. Crystal Oscillators

Precision frequency control and timing are essential to all modern electronics technology. Almost every electronic device you can imagine depends on a precision clock; without precision oscillator clocks, all electronic communication would stop. This article compares the benefits of the latest precision clock technologies as they perform in different applications. The Evolution of Precision Clocks…
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