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NanoXplore – a privately owned fabless company based in France. Rad-hard FPGA & SoCs

The founders of NanoXplore were amongst the pioneers of custom FPGA based emulation systems and IP macros for embedded FPGA cores.

NanoXplore has developed Radiation-Hardened By Design SRAM-based FPGA devices for harsh environments applications for aerospace, defense and industrial market.

By nature, SRAM-based FPGAs are volatile. NanoXplore has developed a dedicated architecture based on hardening techniques such as

  • DICE (Dual Interlocked storage CEll) memory latch. DICE architecture has been used for Configuration Memory Cells and Internal registers (DFFs)
  • EDAC for BRAM blocks
  • TMR (Triple Module Redundancy) for all other blocks

Based on this hardening approach, our rad-hard SRAM FPGA are much more reliable than traditional SRAM FPGA in harsh environment.
To even furhter improve the reliability of our FPGA, NanoXplore has developped an advanced Configuration Memory Integrity Check (“CMIC”). CMIC is an internal scrubber controller based on a Finite State Machine with its own hardened memory block to store CRC signatures. The CMIC will constantly verify the integrity of the bitstream and any potnential single errors will be detected and corrected.


Our eFPGA technology is a silicon proven IP supporting mature technologies up to 28nm on leading foundries. Our IP is fully customizable to client’s needs.

Foundries available:

  • GlobalFoundries
  • TSMC
  • Samsung



NanoXplore (Montpellier)
2196, Bd de la Lironde, 34980 Montferrier-sur-Lez
Email: support@nanoxplore.com
Web: http://nanoxplore.org/

For Italy market contact: DANILO LAUTA
Via Guido Rossa 34, 00065 – Fiano Romano, ROME, ITALY
Email: d.lauta@protec-semi.com
Phone: +39 334 9529414
Web: www.microrel.com
In Partnership with:
Rosenheimer Landstraße 117, D-85521 Ottobrunn-Riemerling, Germany
Phone: +49 (0)89 6602923
Email: sales@protec-semi.de
Web: www.protec-semi.de