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UMS CHA7452-99F a 35.5-40.5GHz GaN HPA

UMS CHA7452-99F a 35.5-40.5GHz GaN HPA

The CHA7452-99F is a 35.5-40.5GHz GaN HPA exhibiting 9W output power.

This product exhibits a high  PAE of 24%, 29dB Linear Gain and low consumption of 290mA @ 20V.  With its low biaising voltage, the CHA7452-99F maintains a junction temperature below 160°C even in saturation




The typical power supply is 20V/290mA (quiescent current). Thanks to a low drain voltage biasing, the CHA7452-99F provides a junction temperature below 160°C, even in saturation.

The circuit is manufactured on a space evaluated 0.15µm gate length GaN-on-SiC HEMT process and is available in bare die form.



It is firstly dedicated to space applications and well suited for a wide range of microwave applications and systems

Proposed in a die form, the CHA7452-99F has been designed on a UMS proprietary 0.15µm GaN technology.

Its features makes it an ideal candidate for your Space SATCOM projects in Q-Band and for all demanding microwave applications.


Main features

  • Frequency range: 35.5 – 40.5 GHz
  • High output power: 9 W
  • High PAE: 24 %
  • Linear Gain: 29 dB
  • DC bias: Vd=20V @Id=290 mA
  • Chip size: 3.6×2.9 mm
  • Available in bare die form

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