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NanoXplore’s NG-ULTRA officially supported by OpenOCD

NanoXplore’s NG-ULTRA officially supported by OpenOCD

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NanoXplore is proud to announce the official support of its latest product, the NG-ULTRA, in the open-source project OpenOCD.

NG-ULTRA is a SoC FPGA designed for the space market, with an impressive radiation-hardened technology and outstanding performances.

The SoC is made of four Arm® Cortex-R52 cores with clock frequencies up to 600 MHz and is capable of running a large array of Operating Systems.

To properly configure and debug NG-ULTRA’s SoC, OpenOCD appears as a great option. The tool is open-source and allows for easy software development and debugging. It is a great example of what the open-source community can create, and NanoXplore’s contribution is but one step in its strategy to push the community forward.

For the development, NanoXplore uses a NanoXplore “ANGIE” probe, equipped with a microcontroller and a FPGA. This advanced setup necessitates codes in both C and VHDL. This project has empowered ANGIE to simultaneously support two communication protocols over a single USB port. It can now establish a USB-JTAG connection with the NG-ULTRA chip (or any other supported chip) via OpenOCD and a USB-I2C connection with NG-ULTRA dev-board components using NanoXplore’s dedicated I2C Python library.

NanoXplore has contributed to the OpenOCD community by creating a driver and firmware for this probe. Building upon templates dating back to 2011, these programs underwent substantial development and refinement before being shared as open-source software following the approval of OpenOCD project maintainers. In addition to its driver and firmware, OpenOCD needs two configuration files: for the “ANGIE” probe and for the targeted chip “NG-Ultra”, this last one – NG-ULTRA configuration file – has been pushed to the project in precedent releases and can be used with other supported probes too.

READ MORE ON : https://nanoxplore.com/

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