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NanoXplore FACTS SHEET quarterly

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NanoXplore FACTS SHEET quarterly

Major news are :

  • NXmap3.5.0.4 available from https://download.nanoxplore.com
  • NG-Medium QML-V CQFP-352 qualification datapack has been submitted to DLA for approval as well as the SMD 5962F20217. The one related to CLGA-625 will follow.
  • NG-Large CLGA-1752 ESCC qualification is still running with completion expected H1CY22,
  • NX will perform an ECSS-Q-ST-70-61 evaluation of both CCGA-625 and CCGA-1752 PCB report with MEL with the support of CNES. The Kick-Off Meeting has been done. Completion expected mid-2022,
  • NG-Ultra v1 device evaluation almost completed. NG-Ultra final version will become available beginning-2022,
  • NG-Ultra300 design development almost finished. Launch in Waferfab, next prototype assembly delayed due to the current shortage in semiconductor.

NX will be present to next STAFEED seminar which will hold 24-25th of JUN21. Due to COVID-19 pandemic situation, no other events scheduled within that quarter. Against that issue, feel free to contact us for Conference Calls in order to exchange about your project requirements.

NanoXplore is a privately owned fabless Company based in France created in 2010 with long experience in the design, test and debugging of FPGA.

The founders of NanoXplore were amongst the pioneers of custom FPGA based emulation systems and IP macros for embedded FPGA cores. In 2000, they developed the first range of IP macros to provide programmable logic cores for System on Chip (SoC) designs. In 2006 they developed a new family of FPGA devices with 750K four-input LUTs implemented in a 65nm technology.

Based on his team’s long standing FPGA development track record, NanoXplore has designed a leading radiation hardened FPGA portolio for aerospace, defense and industrial market.



Contacts : Montpellier
2196, Bd de la Lironde, 34980 Montferrier-sur-Lez
04 67 84 99 97


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In Partnership with: 
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D-85521 Ottobrunn-Riemerling, Germany
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