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UMS Technology for RF and mm-wave applications

UMS Technology for RF and mm-wave applications

The United Monolithic Semiconductors foundry offers to designers reliable high performance GaAs & GaN processes.

Our technologies are proved by the successful implementation of many standard products for Defence, Aerospace, Telecom, Automotive and ISM.

Our pHEMT, HBT, Schottky diode and passive technologies, based on a high throughput 4-inch manufacturing line, are available in open foundry mode to offer our customers the capability to realise low noise or power MMIC solutions based on their own designs.

Technologies suitable for Space Flight Models

Most of our GaAs and GaN technologies, available in foundry mode, are space evaluated and listed within the European Preferred Part List (EPPL).

Open processes:

Key parameters and characteristics for UMS open technologies are summarised below


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