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CHA4252-QKB – a three stage GaN Power Amplifier 17.25 – 21.25GHz band

CHA4252-QKB – a three stage GaN Power Amplifier 17.25 – 21.25GHz band

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United Monolithic Semiconductors (UMS) announce the release of a new advanced information: CHA4252-QKB – a three stage GaN Power Amplifier in the 17.25 – 21.25GHz frequency band.

Datasheet access for this AI:

  • You can access our datasheet following this link
  • Ref: AI24074140-CHA4252-Advanced Information

Product information:

UMS develops the CHA4252-QKB, a three-stage GaN Power Amplifier in the 17.25‑21.25GHz frequency band. This driver typically provides 25dBm of output power associated with 30% of Power Added Efficiency. The small signal gain exhibits more than 30dB. The overall power supply is 14V/15mA (quiescent current). Thanks to a low drain voltage biasing, the CHA4252-QKB provides a junction temperature below 160°C with a case temperature of 85°C, even in saturation.

The circuit is dedicated to Space applications and also well suited for a wide range of microwave applications and systems.

The part is developed on a robust GaN-on-SiC HEMT process and is available as QFN plastic package.


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