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Andhra Electronics OCXO – Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillators

Oven controlled crystal oscillators use a proportionately controlled oven in which the crystal is placed and this forms the basis for the oscillator stability. The proportionate control varies the amount of power to the oven so that the temperature of the oven is kept constant with the change in ambient temperature of the oven. A…
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CHT3091-FAA a new Attenuator

The CHT3091-FAA is a wide-band internally matched DC-14GHz attenuator in a 6x6mm SMD hermetic ceramic package. This circuit features 15dBm typical input power @ 1dB compression (any attenuation between 1 and 14GHz) and 20dB dynamic range. It has 2dB insertion loss. This product is designed on an internal GaAs 0.7µm MESFET process (Space evaluated by…
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SEMICOA Next Generation Superior Diode for Spacecraft

The JANS1N5806UMC1, JANS1N5804UMC1 and JANS1N5802UMC1 ultrafast switching power rectifiers are now qualified on the DLA’s Land and Maritime QPL. Semicoa a premier supplier of Radiation hardened power semiconductor products, announced a new family of all-ceramic packaged diodes specifically designed to withstand the rigors of space applications. The new UMC1 surface mount package meets or exceeds…
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The U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) adopt MIL-STD-975 as Standards Electrical, Electronic and Electromechanical (EEE) Parts List, consisting of selected standard military specification part numbers approved for usage in NASA Space Programs. The European Space Agency (ESA) uses its own specifications for electronic parts. The ECSS-Q-ST-60C standard defines the requirements for selection, control,…
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The developed of this Handbook is addressed to a large audience of Purchasing, Engineering and Management personnel who, although their jobs did not provide them day-to-day exposure to current theories and practices in the Design, Specification, Testing, Methods, Documentations of High Reliability EEE components, they do realize that some knowledge in these critical areas are…
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If your organization Designs, Manufactures, Supplies, Services or uses Systems or Equipment that are designed to provide years of reliable service, the chances are that your organization is at significant risk of the global market forces driving component Obsolescence. This is the reason why obsolescence management is now an essential part of the product support…
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