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Electronic Parts Inventory Excess impact Warehousing costs

If you are involved in EMS manufacturing Industry, you can end up with excess inventory for many reasons: Program schedule imposes Advanced procurements although production department BOM (Bill of Material) not yet frozen or wrong estimation of how many finished products could have been actually sell to market. Obsolescence and/or End of Life issues could…
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COTS Components in Space Systems: Benefits and Risks

Space is becoming a more and more competitive, asking continuously for higher performance figures while reducing the overall Cost from missions. Such a trend has consequences at all levels down to the selection and procurement of building blocks and Electronic components. The usage of COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) or PEM / PED (Plastic Encapsulated…
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COTS components in Space applications

Space is becoming a more and more competitive sector, asking for higher performance but reducing the overall Cost of the Missions. In parallel, Electronic, Electrical and Electromechanical (EEE) parts designed for terrestrial application such as Automotive sector show High Reliability levels in the targeted applications when produced in massive quantities and while being the subject…
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ESCC HPCL – Hybrid Process Capability Approval List

The ESCC Executive publishes a list of active and valid Process Capability Approval Certificates for manufacturing Lines of Hybrid Microcircuits, the ESCC HPCL (Hybrid Process Capability Approval List). Last version link on ESCIES


The EPPL is divided into two parts: – Part I components have sufficient data to permit their use without any special provision, on condition that they meet the application requirements. – Part II components have minimum evaluation data demonstrating capability to satisfy Space-application requirements, but additional testing effort may be necessary to satisfy specific programme…
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ESCC QPL – Qualified Parts List (REP 005)

This document contains a list of components that have been qualified to the rules of the ESCC System and are intended for use in ESA and other spacecraft and associated equipment in accordance with the requirements of the ECSS Standard ESCC-Q-ST-60. Last version link on ESCIES

MIL-STD, MIL-PRF, MIL-SPEC, Specification system

The U.S. Defense / Military Specifications and Standards as “MIL-STD”, “MIL-PRF” or “MIL-SPEC” are used to achieve standardization requirements for Quality, Reliability and Cost of Ownership compatibility on stringent applications. Related documents, such as defense handbooks and defense specifications, are herein addressed. SPECIFICATION DESCRIPTION MIL-STD-202 Test Method Standard, Electronic and Electrical Components This standard establishes…
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List of Standard Microcircuit Drawings The Standard Microcircuit Drawing Program (SMDP) is directly under the auspices of the DoD Parts Management Program (PMP). The PMP is implemented by MIL-HDBK-512, “Parts Management.” The PMP will be the avenue for screening candidate parts for the SMDP by the DLA Land and Maritime Military Parts Control Advisory Group…
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Hybrid Microcircuits, General Specification for This specification establishes the general performance requirements for Hybrid Microcircuits, Multi-Chip Modules (MCM) for ensuring that these devices meet the applicable performance requirements. Verification is accomplished through the use of one of two quality programs (Appendix A). The main body of this specification describes the performance requirements and the requirements…
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