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Notifications and Support Tickets

Notification Dashboard:

  • Vendors has to be updated with all activities through out their Store
  • Buyers has to be updated on their Orders Status and Support

Vendor have messages:

  • Direct Messages from Store Admin
  • New Order notification
  • New Booking notification
  • New Appointment notification

Vendors may also send direct message to their Store Admin.

Message Board auto refreshed so no need to reload the page to check for new messages.

In top bar message board icon will show new message count as well.

Support Ticket Module:

It’s very easy to manage Support Tickets from dashboard for Vendors by Email and Desktop Notifications

Support Ticket System allows Buyer from their Dashboard to post their queries on specific Order with status “Processing”. They simply have to choose the query category, the product they have queries about, and the urgency, and write down the query in detail. They will be issued a Ticket, and will be notified when a reply is posted.

Customer (Buyer) may open a Support Ticket from their My Account –> Orders page.


Customer support ticket submission form.

  • Category
  • Priority
  • Product
  • Issues they have

Customers can manage their tickets very easily.

  • Change priority
  • Change status
  • And off course add new reply

Also has the option to change Ticket Priority and Status

Support Tickets are received on Vendors Dashboard:


You will have both Email and Desktop Notifications


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