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MICROREL Marketplace allows to Sell High-Reliability Components & RF-Microwave Devices available from controlled Stores suitable for Space,  Defence and High-Reliability applications 

Do you have High-Reliability Components Parts from Inventory Stock Excess?

How much Cost to list HI-REL Parts Stock in MICROREL Marketplace Store ?

  1. Vendor Store Configuration with Vendor Company details : FREE
  2. First List Configuration & Import with Key parameters : FREE
  3. Vendor Store page and First list update : FREE for the first 3 months 
  4. After 3 months Vendor Store can remain “Enabled” trough a Membership Plan (Contact us for details) or will be “Disabled” and resulting Off-Line to Visitors.

Basic Policies for Vendors to list their HI-REL PARTS in our STORE:

1) Vendor Quotes and Order Acceptance:

Vendor that place a Product for sale on MICROREL Marketplace portal is fully responsible to provide all the required information according to Commercial Consumer rules.

Buyer are aware that the Conditions of Sale are only those reported by the Vendor/Seller of the product and relieves MICROREL from any responsibility regarding transactions, shipments up to Order completion.

Vendor must define his Own Terms & Conditions for Sales including :

  • End-User identifications requirements
  • Payments and Shipmnet Terms
  • Other Sales Terms & Conditions

2) Quality Certifications

Vendor shall define in his Marketplace page the Quality Systems Certifications of his Company (i.e. ISO Standards or equivalent) for Customer review, Exemples:

  • ISO 9001 Quality Management System
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management System

3) Handling & Storage procedures to prevent Parts degradations:

  • High Reliability parts shall have been stored under controlled conditions during the entire storage period
  • Store Traceability records of all Parts held in the Store shall be maintained.
  • On request, handling and storage procedures shall be sent to the Customer (Buyer) for review.
  • ESD sensitivity Electrostatic discharge for susceptible components are identified and handled using anti-static packaging and tools.
  • Storage areas shall be Temperature and Humidity controlled and reported within the calibration register:

– Relative Humidity: 40% to 60%;
– Temperature: 20°C to 30°C;
– Antistatic Benches / continuity check.

4) Deliverable Parts Documentation:

  • Lot traceability Data (as Screening and LAT/QCI reports as) per procurement Specifications shall be available for Customer review
  • Applicable NCR (Non Conformance Reports), If Any
  • Export Control License (i.e. ECCN L)

5) Parts Packaging & Shipping:

  • Packages shall adequately to protect the Parts against mechanical or electric damage during Transportation.
  • Primary (individual) packages shall show the Part type identification and a Warning labels (i.e. ESD sensitive parts)
  • Customs Formalities & Transportation conditions shalle be clear definded by the Vendor (i.e. Packaging, Insurance, Custom clearance etc…)

6) Goods Materials Acceptance :

The Customer/Buyer upon Goods receipt control shall review at least:

  • Number of Parts delivered/received
  • Primary Packaging marking for documentation traceability
  • External visual on sample basis