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MICROREL Marketplace portal allows users to Sell and Buy Electronic components “products” coming from Procurements Overruns or Surplus parts of unused stock from OEM and EMS companies in the Electronics High Reliability industry from Automotive to Aerospace applications.

MICROREL has no control and does not guarantee: the Existence, Quality, Safety or Legality of product items advertised; the truth or accuracy of Users’ content or listings; the ability of Vendor to sell the Products items; the ability of Buyers to pay for the Purchased Product items; or that a Buyer or Vendor will actually complete a transaction or return a Product item for Replacement or reimbursement.


  1. MICROREL provide to Vendor an Internet Marketplace portal as an arm’s length Service
  2. Vendor that place a Product for sale on MICROREL Marketplace portal is fully responsible to provide all the required information according to Commercial Consumer rules.
  3. Buyer are aware that the Conditions of Sale are only those reported by the Vendor/Seller of the product and relieves MICROREL from any responsibility regarding transactions, shipments up to Order completion.
    For doubts or clarifications, You (Buyer) must contact directlythe Vendor/Seller specified for each product selected.
  4. Overall responsibilities from Order issue up to the Product delivery and final acceptance are of exclusive responsibility of the Vendor/Seller which is using MICROREL Marketplace portal to Sell his products items.


  1. Vendor Terms and Conditions for Sales are applicable and shall be specified as “Vendor Store Policy” on Marketplace for :
    • Shipping Terms, method, costs and other information
    • Taxes and any applicable government imposed fees
    • Return policy
    • Warrantees of Sales
  2. MICROREL Marketplace is not responsible for the fulfillment of Vendor Agreement and procedures to sell a Product.
  3. Buyer must comply with Vendor Sales Policy obligations and limitations.


While we try our best to maintain a safe trading environment, you accept that there are unfortunately sometimes risks when trading online and using Our Website, including dealing with fraudulent people.

  1. Buyer will NOT hold MICROREL Marketplace responsible for other users’ content, actions or inactions, any business loss (including loss of profits, revenue, Agreements, anticipated savings, data, goodwill or wasted expenditure) or any other indirect or consequential loss whatever.
  2. Buyer acknowledge that this Website Marketplace is a venue to allow anyone to Sell, and Buy products, at any time, from anywhere, in a variety of pricing formats and locations.
  3. We have no control over the ability of buyers to pay for items or that a buyer will actually complete a transaction.
  4. We do not take ownership of the items at any time and do not transfer Legal ownership of items from the Vendor to the Buyer.
  5. Our Website Marketplace Services are provided “as is”. We make no representation or warranty of any kind, express or implied, including, without limitations, warranties
  6. Buyer now expressly release us from any and all claims and liability known and unknown, arising in any way from a dispute between Buyer and the Vendor.
  7. For other Conditions not herein specified please refer to MICROREL General Terms & Conditions.