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Orbion Space Technology

Orbion Space Technology has a core team of rocket scientists and engineers with more than 200 years of directly relevant experience with Hall-effect thruster (HET) Technology and Spacecraft Electronic Systems.

Orbion Space Technology have written hundreds of scientific publications on propulsion and space technology and leadership has been recognized at the highest levels of the science and engineering community. Orbion team members have developed products working every day in Low Earth Orbit, Geostationary Earth Orbit, deep space, the surface of Mars, and even asteroids and comets.

Spacecraft technology is experiencing a revolution in manufacturing. Constellation operators are building multiple satellites daily on assembly lines. Launchers are placing hundreds of serialized spacecraft in orbit. The satellite component supply chain must be re-invented to keep up with this new demand. Production capacity must increase, costs must be reduced, but reliability must remain supreme.

Orbion will be able to reduce the mass of satellite propulsion by 3 times while improving the imaging, lifespan, orbit control and re-entry.

Orbion can propel small satellites in the 100 kg range. These satellites are the workhorse applications and will have the largest growth in the next 5-10 years.

The smallsat market is projected to exceed $62 billion by 2030.

Traditional testing takes 6 to 8 months before delivery. Orbion’s manufacturing approach aims to build and ship thrusters within just 6-8 days of order. Hall Thrusters have about 1600 ISP which is four times more than chemical rockets.



The spacecraft interface is simple: A 28-volt unregulated power connection and an RS-422 data connection. We can either provide propulsion system components separately so you can locate them as desired within your spacecraft volume, or we can integrate the complete system on an element of spacecraft structure you provide.


When compared to other products and technology currently available, the Aurora Hall-effect Propulsion System is the clear choice.

The Aurora system is manufactured using modern automation, with robots and automated test facilities replacing small teams of lab technicians in white coats. Our manufacturing process can produce one to two units per run, or 1,000 units per run—all of them enjoying the same low price and high reliability.


Download Aurora-Data-Sheet describing Aurora system performance and interfaces.

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