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FLUX design and manufacture custom-made inductors, transformers and power supplies for the electronics industry.

World leading Customers within industrial Electronics, Defence, Aerospace, Transportation, Renewable Energy & Telecommunication, Diodes for Avionic, Medical, Industrial applications in all state of the art packages.

Outsourcing to Flux and its space set-up, not only will you ensure that manufacturing and testing is performed by trained operators using proven processes in purpose built facilities, but you will free your own key personnel to concentrate on your core business needs.

Dedicated manufacturing and screening facilities for magnetic components for space applications includes clean room facilities and capabilities in most mil-PRF and Mil-Std testing.

Flux has qualified a wide range of topologies, materials and processes to MIL-PRF-27.
This allows to offer our customers access to a significant envelope of space qualified components based on the similarity rules stated in MIL-STD-981.



Flux A/S custom-made Inductors, Transformers and Power supplies

Contact Info :

Flux A/S
Industrivangen 5, 4550 Asnaes – Denmark
Phone: +45 59650089 – Fax: +45 59652120
Email: flux@flux.dk

DANILO LAUTA (General Manager)
MICROREL – Via delle Sassete n.33, CP.00065 – Fiano Romano, ROME, ITALY
Email: danilo.lauta@microrel.com
Phone : +39 334 9529414
Web: www.microrel.com
General Enquiries : info@microrel.com

In Partnership with: 
Rosenheimer Landstraße 117,
D-85521 Ottobrunn-Riemerling, Germany
Phone: +49 (0)89 6602923
Email: sales@protec-semi.de
Web: www.protec-semi.de

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