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French design and manufacture for RF and microwave assemblies

Deti is a French SME that designs and industrializes high technology electronic components and modules (DC – 50 GHz) for radiocommunication, telecommunications and microwave applications.

Since 1995, DETI uses its know-how to develop new components and assemblies as well as for resolution of problem related to obsolete functions.

Custom-engineered and standard components

Partner of major contractors, Deti deploys its skills as an ODM (Original Development Manufacturer), for projects based on customer’s specifications.

To be able to provide standard needs and volume markets, Deti develops its own low cost product lines “Made in France“.



DETI offers many types of bandpass, lowpass and highpass and notch filters utilizing an array of topologies and technologies such as LC style, Suspended substrates, Cavity style, Combline and interdigital filters. Waveguide style filters in WR19 through WR650 sizes are available for narrow, medium and wideband applications including harmonic filters for suppression of spurious transmissions, interference filters, channel selectivity enhancing filters and diplexers and multiplexers. Other implementations include stripline and microstrip as well as higher power Hi-Q cavity or dielectric resonator filters.

Our customer’s needs range from Satellite, Broadcast and Cellular communications to EMC test bench and Electronic Warfare for commercial, industrial and  military sectors of the RF and microwave industry.

The products shown on this web site are just an illustration of the designs that have been developed for our valued customers over the past twenty years.

With a full range of production capabilities, DETI offers high quality products along with strong technical expertise and a customer friendly staff ready to meet your requirements.


RF and Microwave Low Pass Filters RF and Microwave High Pass Filters
RF and Microwave Band Pass Filters RF and Microwave Band Stop Filters


Our multiplexers are convenient for the following applications: telecom, ground satcom stations and radars.Most of the models we have developed for years were intended for high power applications which made us being expert in this area.




Power Dividers up to 40 GHz High Power Combiners
High Power Directional Couplers 180/90° 3dB Hybrid Couplers

Our duplexers are convenient for the following applications: telecom, ground satcom stations and radars.

Most of the models we have been developing for years were intended for high power applications which made us being expert in this area.


This TX multiplexer handles very high mean power and combines four transmitters toward a single antenna.

Several high selectivity filters are parts of it.

This system includes monitoring with remote control.



Up and Down Converter

Deti point out a range of Up & Down converters for point-to-point or point-to-multipoint transmission. Those compact and rugged receivers-transmitters suit the needs of wireless broadband communications for offshore or shipping connections or for white area coverage. It especially fits in with the use for Ku and Q band links. It is also compatible with a wide variety of modems (it bears modulations till 16 QAM for several frequency band).  Available datasheet on request.


DETI acts on any part of product life cycle: design, development, prototyping, industrialization, environmental qualification, series manufacture, tests and trials and trough life support.

We can take the responsibility for the overall process or step in on a more limited basis for specialized services according your needs.


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