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Apogee Semiconductor

Apogee Semiconductor provides products and technologies for Space and other extreme environments.

Focused on making the frontier of space more accessible by bridging the technology gap between commercial and high-reliability technologies at a lower cost. We provide optimized products and infrastructure that give you the best in reliability and value.

Products and services are targeted towards enabling small-Satellites and large constellations that require high performance, a small form factor and radiation resilience at a lower cost.

Working in partnership with state-of-the art semiconductor foundries, Apogee Semiconductor develops Radiation hardened processes and components that serve as the foundation for our cutting-edge integrated circuits and IP blocks.

Radiation Hardened Products

All our rad-hard products are built with cold-sparing capabilities and triple-redundancy providing maximum reliability and area savings.

Logic Functions

AND gate





XOR Gate





Level Translator

Level Translator


Products details and Datasheets can be Download directly from Apogee Products page.


Apogee Semiconductor provides solutions that reduce time to market and simplify radiation hardened and high reliability IC design.

TalRad™ Process Design Kit

Apogee Semiconductor has partnered with TSI Semiconductors to create the Transistor-Adjusted-Layout for Radiation (TalRad™) Process Design Kit (PDK) in TSI’s 180nm CMOS high-voltage process and is currently available for evaluation.

By combining advanced logic with intuitive tools, the TalRad™ PDK enables the rapid creation of rad-hard designs in a fraction of the time and effort.

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IP Blocks

With the TalRad™ PDK as the foundation, Apogee Semiconductor is developing IP blocks for key components of the signal chain.


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