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Tag: Semiconductor

Plastic Encapsulated Microcircuit (PEM) Selection, Screening, and Qualification

Plastic encapsulated microcircuits (PEMs) have advantages over conventional hermetic packages in terms of size, weight, cost, availability, and performance. Aerospace designers often specify PEMs to reduce cost and shorten design cycle times, although PEMs are suitable for a wide range of harsh environments. The key to realizing these advantages lies in the PEM qualification process,…
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Cost Impacts of Upgrading Electronic Parts

The use of post-procurement processing to increase part reliability assurance, or “upgrading”, is driven by the need for state-of-the-art parts with short lead times. Upgrading is costly. Upgrading should only be done when lead-time and functionalit preclude buying the “Level-ready” equivalent. Cost benefits typically associated with COTS can only be realized if they do not…
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Obsolescence problem ? Chip Recovery Product solution

  Xtreme Semiconductors provides products and services to Aerospace, Military and Defence as an aftermarket supplier of Analog-to-digital converters, Certified End-of-life-products, microcircuits, high temperature products, plastic packaging, QML certified products, radiation Hardened IC’s, Hi-Rel products, DMS products, custom packaging, and the prevention of Counterfeit products in the Microelectronics industry. Xtreme Semi also provide EEE Componnets…
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Electronic components Obsolescence Management

An Electronic component becomes obsolete when it is no longer available from the original manufacturer to the original specification. This is the reason why obsolescence management is now an essential part of the product support activities in sectors such as defense, aerospace, nuclear and railway; where systems need to be supported for several decades. If…
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Microwave use

  Microwaves are electromagnetic radiation in the band of the electromagnetic spectrum with wave length between the upper ranges of radio waves and infrared radiation. Although we tend to see them as separate from radio waves, microwaves are in UHF and EHF range of radio spectrum, however, presenting the specific characteristics due to their high…
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