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Electronic components Obsolescence Management

An Electronic component becomes obsolete when it is no longer available from the original manufacturer to the original specification. This is the reason why obsolescence management is now an essential part of the product support activities in sectors such as defense, aerospace, nuclear and railway; where systems need to be supported for several decades. If…
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IC Transistors density

Integrated circuits transistors on some computer chips measure 45 nanometers (billionths of a meter) on a side. These chips have more than 100 million transistors. Since the 1960s, the semiconductor industry has managed to double the number of transistors on a chip every two years, a trend known as moore’s law. As the transistor count…
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What is a “Mixed IC”

The integrated circuits that are obtained by the combination of analog and digital ics on a single chip are called as mixed ics. These ics functions as digital to analog converters, analog to digital converters (d/a and a/d converters) and clock/timing ics. Integrated circuit or ic or microchip or chip is a microscopic electronic circuit…
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Electronics circuits miniaturization

Conventional electronics are traditionally made from bulk materials. However, the trend of miniaturization in electronics has forced the feature sizes of the electronic components to shrink accordingly. The ultimate goal of electrical circuits is miniaturization, is a branch of nanotechnology that uses single molecules or collections of single molecules as electronic building blocks. In single-molecule…
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The Large Discrete Electronic Circuits

An integrated circuit is a single, miniature circuit with many electronically connected components etched onto a small piece of silicon or some other semiconductive material. (a semiconductor is a nonmetallic material that can conduct […]