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DIAMOND High Quality Fiber Optic Interconnect Solutions

DIAMOND High Quality Fiber Optic Interconnect Solutions

Harsh environmental surroundings can adversely affect the operation of a system utilizing fiber optics. Diamond has developed a wide range of strong, reliable, and customizable optical interconnect solutions built around the unique Diamond Multipurpose DM4 OEM insert.

The DM4 Insert incorporates four optical or electrical termini ideal for hybrid electrical / optical applications.

The new Diamond Multipurpose Insert is the core of the existing HE-2000, MIL-38999 DM4 and MIL-83526 DM4 Diamond connectors. Furthermore, the design of the DM4 OEM insert is constructed to fit into a variety of different connector housings. Compatibility with tight cable and semi-loose cable/fiber construction is ensured.

Based on a 2.5mm fiber optic ferrule, the DM termini utilizes integrated springs to avoid contact interruptions, which allows for quick and easy assembly and repair. The titanium-ceramic fiber optic ferrule assembly consists of a factory-terminated and measured fiber-optic Crocodile Alberino HE (Harsh Environment) to allow customers to assemble precision-engineered termini to ensure low optical losses, reliable and repeatable performances over a long period in many applications.

The DM termini are available in PC and APC polish and allow for a mix of standard and special fiber types, such as HCS, MM, SM, PM and low core diameter fibers, as well as, other specialty fiber types and power solution technologies.




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