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SEMICOA Next Generation Superior Diode for Spacecraft

SEMICOA Next Generation Superior Diode for Spacecraft

The JANS1N5806UMC1, JANS1N5804UMC1 and JANS1N5802UMC1 ultrafast switching power rectifiers are now qualified on the DLA’s Land and Maritime QPL.

Semicoa a premier supplier of Radiation hardened power semiconductor products, announced a new family of all-ceramic packaged diodes specifically designed to withstand the rigors of space applications. The new UMC1 surface mount package meets or exceeds any diode in its class. The planar construction eliminates the device from rolling on the board during board mount.

Semicoa has approximately 200 new part numbers in various stages of qualification using the UMC1 package or scaled versions. Our modern UMC1 package is the first diode to include positive verification of solder attach through the use of castellations, fully laser marked part number, date code, serial number and cathode identification as standard.

The ceramic header combined with a ceramic lid ensures hermeticity to the fine leak level, bombing in 85Kr, to x10-8 as well as passing RGA as specified in MIL-PRF-19500. The ceramic package ensures near zero CTE mismatch, excellent thermal performance and dielectric withstanding.

This first release product family consists of “Ultrafast” diodes whose applications are predominantly centered around space power bus systems and power supplies operating in the -65°C to 175°C temperature range.

This innovative Semicoa product family demonstrates the commitment to providing high reliability and superior performance required by the space segment of our business,” said John Park, President of Semicoa. Our approach represents the company’s longstanding comprehension of our customers’ requirements along with our continued investment and commitment to the Space community”



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